Mobile App Development Career

The latest mobile apps and devices are changing the way we access information, communicate, and do business. Programmers, businesses, and consumers have embraced this innovative medium, making mobile app developer one of the fastest and most demanded growing IT career paths.
While a degree in CS is not strictly necessary, it gives students a foundation for the field of mobile app development. Many companies also prefer job applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
Mobile developers write programs using C++, Objective C, Java or C# programming languages. They choose the mobile platform they will develop, such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. They then learn software development environment and the programming languages for that platform.
Typically, businesses develop mobile apps for many platforms at once, to maximise return on investment and market penetration. Therefore, programmers who learn many mobile development platforms are more sought-after than those who learn a few platforms. Today, iOS and Android dominate the market, making these platforms the best place to focus your mobile app development studies.
There are many mobile apps developer accredited degrees and training programs that feature coursework in mobile media design, mobile app programming, app deployment and marketing for the top mobile platforms.


What Steps Must You Take Before Writing a Program?


Before you write a computer program, you must take at least three steps. These steps will help you avoid writing programs that do not work or that solve the wrong problems. With planning, your program will work and perform the tasks that you want. When designing a program, the following steps are crucial:
Identify the problem
What problem do you want to solve? If you cannot clearly answer this question, you won’t know what to write. Every program solves a certain problem. The aim of any program is to make a particular task easier, faster, and more convenient.
Identify the user
You must properly identify the users of your program. If users don’t fall in love with your program, they will not use it. A person who designs a program with users in mind is more likely to succeed than a programmer who does not care about the users.
Consider your programming skills
Consider your programming skill when writing any program. If you have little experience, but have a great idea for a program, writing your program may take years. Your experience and skills also determine the programming language you will use.

Basic Math Formulas You Should Know

Some math can be surprising and unexpected. In our daily life, we can determine which supermarket is offering us cheaper groceries or which is the best route to our schools. It is all about which calculation to use and connecting the dots. Subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division are quite easy, but when it comes to derivation, calculus and geometry, math formulas are needed. Here is a list of basic math formulas:
Average formula
Let x1,x2,x3,……,xn be a set of numbers, average = (x1 + x2 + x3,+……+ xn)/n
Per cent
Per cent to fraction: a% = a/100
Percentage formula: Percentage/base =Rate/100
Consumer math formulas
Discount = discount rate × discount rate
Discount rate = discount ÷ list price
Sale price = list price – discount
Interest = rate of interest × principal × time,
Geometry formulas
Perimeter of a square= 4L, Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(L + W), Perimeter of a triangle = a + b + c
Area of a square=s × s, Area of a rectangle= l × w, Area of a triangle= (b × h)/2, Area of a trapezoid= (b1 + b2) × h/2,
Volume of a cube= s × s ×s, Volume of a box=l × w × h, Volume of a sphere= (4/3) × pi × r3,
The volume of a cylinder= pi × r2 × Height.

Three Highest Paying Programming Languages You Should Know

The world of technology continues to dominate socially and economically, pushing many people to search for their first career or change their focus toward programming, computer science, and other tech-related jobs. As consumers continue to look for highly-skilled programmers, it is important to choose the programing language you want to study. The following are three highest-compensated programming languages you should know.
With salaries about $110,000 per year, Go is one of the highest paying programming languages. Created in 2009 within Google as an open-source development platform, services like Uber, Netflix, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and Google utilize Go elements for infrastructure and internal functions.
Developed to address many issues with Java, people familiar with Scala earns as much as $110,000 annually depending on expertise and experience. A key feature of Scala is inter-compatibility with Java, so programmers familiar with both have a leg up on the competition especially when it comes to looking for jobs.
Objective-C is one of the most familiar and oldest programming languages. It is also the most lucrative for programmers and developers. Objective-C is a baseline language that is mainly used by Apple platforms. Individuals familiar with this programming language can expect to see at least $100,000 per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Allowing Children to Use Calculators in School

Is a calculator a necessary tool in a classroom? Teachers should know the right time to allow their students to use calculators in classes or when they should solve all the problems themselves. Today we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using calculators in classrooms.
Technological knowledge
We live in a world that is constantly changing, thanks to ever-advancing technology. Technology is making life easier and learning how to use such technology is important. This explains why it is important for students to know how to use a calculator.
Math is not a favorite subject of every person. Therefore, devices such as calculator have been developed to make learning math more enjoyable and less tedious.
Accuracy is one of the features of a calculator. A calculator is valuable for validating work. For instance, students might complete a problem and then use a calculator to check if they got the right answer.
While students can use calculators to quickly add, subtract, divide, and multiply, they can’t use them as their complete fall-back plan. Students still need to know how to solve math problems long-hand.
. Cheating
Some calculators can perform many functions besides basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisions. These calculators can also allow students to store notes and formulas, but that is not a good thing for students or teachers.

Websites That Will Help You Solve Your Math Problems

Some websites allow students to get instant solutions to their math problems, from equation and algebra to calculus and matrices. Here are some of the best sites to ask your math questions.
Physics forums
In the math category, there are about 30000 questions. There is a section that specifically deals with homework questions. Before anyone answers you, you need to show your work. To maintain its quality, Physics forums has some rules.
My Math Forum
Math Forum is dedicated to a better understanding of mathematics. So far, the site has around 15,000 questions with answers. The site offers a free discussion of math problems in any subject.
AskMe Help Desk (math category)
This site allows students to ask their math questions. The site allows for math notation in questions and answers.
Math answers are available on all types of mathematics questions such as basic numbers, logarithm, algebra, pre-calculus, and trigonometry. Students type their question, and they get their answers within 24 hours.
Other math help sites you may be interested in include Ask Dr. Math, Askville (math category), Yahoo answers, Answerbag (math category), AOL Answers (math category), and Open Study.

Computer Science Before You Start College

Computer scientists play an important role in technological infrastructure. These are people who develop software, applications, and hardware for use by the businesses, military and average consumers. This makes computer science one of the fastest-growing career fields, with an estimated growth rate of 22% from 2012 to 2022. Although this may appear as a tremendous opportunity for students interested in computer science, it also means increased competition.
Many computer scientists believe that skill development before joining college is the key to success. Therefore, it is important for young students to learn the logic behind codes and in some cases how to develop simple programs of their own.
Young people have a natural gift for learning foreign languages. Advocates for teaching Chinese and Spanish in elementary curricula say that kids understand vocabulary and concepts more naturally than adults. Computer programming includes same elements and incorporates many languages.
Many organizations offer programming education for children and teens. Whether online or summer camps, they offer opportunities for young people to develop practical computer science skills and knowledge.
CodeEd and Scratch are two of the many online resources for young people interested in computer science. Other resources that may prove helpful for students and parents are,,,,,,, and

Importance of Logic in Computer Science

Logic focuses on reasoning. Since reasoning is involved in all intellectual activities, logic is important in a broad range of pursuits. For students of computer science, the study of logic is essential. Logic is also very valuable for mathematicians.
Most logic courses include analyses of the features of deductive inference. Logic courses teach general methods and concepts that are valuable independently of formal languages. Students are taught how to construct proofs in English and other formal language. This ensures that methods and concepts learned can be used in various contexts. Students may be taught how to prove theorems about formal languages, which is important for linguistics, computer science, and some branches of mathematics.
The idea of Turing Machine, the idea of a general purpose computer, was invented during research in logic. All computer programs are written in symbolic languages, e.g., Prolog, Lisp, C++, and Fortran. These languages have features of logical symbolism. Both Prolog and Lisp are derivative of formal languages for logic. The study of logic can help an individual in the design of programs.
Computer science also includes mathematical and logical analysis of programs. With such analyses, a person can prove the accuracy of procedures and approximate the number of steps needed to execute a specified program.

Three Facts on the Flourishing Field of Computer Science That You Can No Longer Ignore

Between your worries about supporting your family and paying bills, a dying line of work is another burden you don’t want. For people who are considering a career in computer science, today we will discuss three basic truths to help you decide if computer science is the career path for you.
Computer science jobs are expected to increase in the future
While other people have to worry about job security, those who have studied computer science can rest easy. The world is increasingly becoming digitalized, and companies from all industries are looking for computer scientists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the computer science cluster of careers is expected to grow by 12 % between 2014 and 2024.
Computer scientists are paid well
Although every person wants to love his/her job, a good salary is what helps put food on the table and pay the bills. If you are aspiring to be a computer scientist, you can have the best of both worlds. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for computer scientists was $81,430, more than twice the average for all occupations.
Computer scientists can work in several industries
Unlike a nursing or education degree, a computer science degree gives you an opportunity to work in many industries. Today, almost all organizations are using technology for everything from cloud computing to video conferencing. Computer science professionals, therefore, are not limited to working in a single industry.

Why Do People Create Malware and Viruses?


There are thousands of different malware and viruses on the internet today. So, people ask, why do some people create malware and viruses? They are three main reasons why people create them: make money, steal account information, and cause trouble and problems to others.
Making money
Many viruses, spyware, and malware found on computers do not damage the computer much; they just slow it. These viruses and malware are designed to get information about the user and send it to the company or person responsible for making them. The information they get is then used to advertise in your computer. The ads come in the form of pop-ups and e-mails on your computer. If many computers get infected, they earn a lot of money from the ads displayed.
Stealing account information
Virtual goods and online games have a real-life value attached to them. Malware and viruses are created to steal account information associated with virtual goods and online games. Using these types of viruses, a person can gain access to the account of a victim and steal currency and virtual goods. They could even sell ill-gotten virtual goods to other people for real money.
Causing problems and trouble
There are people that create malware and viruses because they can. They enjoy seeing computer users getting annoyed. Some malware and viruses are created to crash an entire network system, causing system outages for big companies, like production companies and banks. The thrill of seeing chaos they have created drives them to create more malware and viruses.