Introducing to Dadaism

Also called as dada. The origin of the term ‘dada’ comes from the toy horse in French, but this hints the meaning of meaningless.
Dadaism is not only used to explain arts, but also includes literature and music. Dadaism is the root of Fluxus, Neo-Dada, and Nouveau which is all considered as genres of anti-art. The Dada movement first started in 1916 Zurich during World War One, by a groups of poets and writers. They denied all the art forms and the values of the past, and praised the irrational and immoral things. They insisted that a new artist should protest. They should not draw what is already explained and known, but they create something with stones, wood, or metal. They thought that instead of staying in a comfortable state, they have to keep on achieving new goals.Zurich Dadaism lasted until 1920, and in the meantime, the magazine <Dada> was published, and many abstraction poetry were made.

Dadaism in Germany prospered in  3 main cities- Berlin, Cologne, and Hannover. Because Berlin was the center of politics, unlike Zurich, Dadaism appeared to have a revolutionary atmosphere and came up with new techniques such as ‘assambleuse'(a combination of different objets) and ‘photo-montage'(2 or more pictures overlapped or double exposed to make a visual effect). Dadaism in Berlin started in 1918 and lasted until 1933.

For Dadaism, there are some famous works such as ‘Fountain’ and ‘LHOOQ’,which is also know as the Mona Lisa with a mustache, by Marcel Duchamp.

+ Neo Dadaism
a experimental art movement started from America after WW2, meaning ‘the new Dadaism.

Naver 지식백과:
The Art History:
How the old art was destroyed by Dada

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