The Rococo Art

Rococo is an artistic and style movement from the eight eighteenth century. This particular artistic movement brought a revolution in various aspects of art including, architecture, painting, interior design, music, theater, etc. It has its origin in Paris, France as a response to the grand and strict regulations of the extravagant art of that period.

Rococo artists and architects used an altogether different approach to art which was more graceful than the political Baroque. Their style was highly decorated and trifled with light colors, asymmetrical designs, curves, and gold. Rococo has been used by different artists in different artistic modes! In the Furniture and decorative objects, The Rococo art used themes that were light hearted and had complex designs. As a result, this French art became the new superior art that was used by the upper class people to decorate their homes setting up the new fashion style statement.

Rococo style highly embraced the “asymmetry”, something that was new to the European style. In terms of Architecture also, Rococo architecture was much lighter and graceful. However, both the Rococo and Baroque style architecture bared many similarity yet both were different in terms of symmetry, theme, style and their respective emphasis on religion.

In terms of Interior design concept, Rococo swiftly made its presence in the European culture. Rococo art used the textures using flame, leafy or shell-similar textures. The interiors of the walls, ceiling, furniture, and works of metal and porcelain present a single harmony. The Rococo art used the light colors that were soft and paler in comparison to the normal rich colors with dark primary impact that was once the taste in Baroque style of art. By the end of 1720s, Rococo was in its full blossom and largely impacted the interiors and designs all over the Europe.

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