What are the Long Term Results of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was horrible. This shocking genocide left millions of people dead, thousands in mental or physical pain, and affected current society in a negative way. In total, eleven million were executed and many more will forever remain traumatized.

The survivors of Holocaust still face long-term effects. The Holocaust continues to disturb everyone who was exposed to it. According to Elie Wiese (1978), survivors experience terrifying flashbacks and insecurities control their physiologic mind.

The Holocaust did not only affect harmless souls that perished and its survivors, but it also negatively affected our world. It gave an example of how discrimination in society can result. The Holocaust also affected how our governments are structured. Today, most people do not allow dictators to take over their lives. People do not want a reoccurrence of such a horrific genocide.

The Holocaust made people learn how to tolerate others, regardless of their religion, race and beliefs. Nowadays, people are taught to treat other people the way they would like to be treated

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