Consequences of the Great Depression in US

The consequences of the Great Depression were seen in the cities. Men wandered in the streets looking for jobs and food. Slums were all over as many families did not have houses and they blamed the government for what the country was facing.

Many farmers migrated from one city to another to see if they could better their lives. Those that went to California went through devastating experience as they had to live in filthy camps

The African Americans who worked as tenant farmers in the south were pushed out of their jobs. The minority group also suffered. The Mexicans who worked for cheap labor in the US were deported while others returned to Mexico. .

If the sun peeked through the Depression’s clouds on anyone, it might have been organized labor. The captains of industry and business lost much of their political clout during the 1930s, and new laws made organizing easier.

All told there were more than 4,500 strikes in 1937, and labor won more than three-fourths of them. By 1940, more than eight million Americans were members of organized labor.

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