Impacts of the Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution has really resulted to a change in how people relate with their environment and also the ecology of the earth. The impact of industrial revolution has been very great in sanitation, energy usage, public health, life longevity and social improvement.

Since the Industrial Revolution began in the mid 1700s, machines are continuously replacing human labour. In addition, the Industrial Revolution has really affected the human population growth. For instance, due to the improved living standards and availability of medicine, life expectancy increased.

The Industrial Revolution also saw awakening to the impacts of unsustainable growth and reliance on limited resources. People started to realize that their actions had negative impacts on the environment. The world’s resources being few and the demand for them being high, machines were utilized to maximize output in production.

From the Industrial Revolution, an era of sustainability was born. The harmful impacts of the industrial revolution such as pollution were felt and people saw the need to conserve environment.

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