Feminist Movement in 1960-1970s in America

In the 1960’s, women were limited in almost everything in America. A woman was expected to marry in her 20’s, start a family and devote her whole life to homemaking. Women were subjected to their husbands, and they had no legal right to the property of their husbands, apart from limited right to care and support. About 38 percent of women who worked in 1960’s were limited to jobs as nurse, secretary, or teacher.

Beginning in 1960s, the feminist movement focused on ending workplace inequality, salary inequality and denial of access to good jobs. They did this by protesting against discriminative laws. The feminist movement sought equality of women on both personal and political level.

Today, we see a lot of gains of the feminist movements. These gains include equal access to education for men and women, existence of resources to help rape and domestic violence victim, increased participation of women in the workplace and politics, and legal protection of rights of women.


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