What Did Women Gain after the Arab Spring in Arab World?

Discrimination of women in the Arab world is common and many activists hoped that Arab Spring would improve women’s rights. During the revolution, women activists came from all social classes. They were well organized and aggressively participated in Arab uprising. To demand change and gender equality, some women protested with their children.

During the revolution, participation of women side-by-side with male protestors helped to lessen gender differences and created a sense of equality. Women made their voice heard during the Arab spring revolutions at many levels. Women played a very significant role in the revolution that begun in 2011 and ended in 2013. It is believed that about a fifth of the demonstrators who brought down President Mubarak government were women.

In Egypt, a new constitution was crafted. The document is good because it has addressed issues related to women. The Egyptian new constitution is evidence that women demand for gender equality bore fruits during the Arab Spring. For the first time, women issues have been taken seriously. For instance, in 2014 in Egypt, a man was sentenced for taking photos of woman asleep on a bus.

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