Women’s Rights Improving in Africa

Initially, gender inequality was very common in Africa. Women had to face female genital mutilation and sexual and gender violence. Some time back, even male political leaders in Africa could marry child brides and abuse their partners in public.

Africa women did not just seat around waiting for someone to fight for their rights. Decades of fighting have greatly seen the life of women improving in Africa. For instance, last year, Ugandan women held a protest against the anti-pornography law and challenged its constitutionality in court. When women in Kenya were stripped, they held a demonstration to assert their right to wear the clothes they want. In Nigeria, women took to the streets when the “˜Chibok girls’ were kidnapped.

After a long struggle for gender equality, political representation of women in Africa is rising. With the help of women’s rights movement, a girl child is now educated. Many girls are now becoming lawyers, teachers, journalist, engineers, and doctors.

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