Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a French term meaning ‘New Art’. As you can interpret from its name, art nouveau was a completely new genre of art that was brought up in the world by Alphonse Mucha and became very popular during 1890-1910. Art Nouveau pieces mostly contained subjects such as plants(flowers), women, natural elements, and was also famous for its curved lines.

Art Nouveau was suitable and generally used for posters for plays or ad posters because most of the art nouveau paintings were composed of big calligraphic letters and pictures that focused on the model. As Art Nouveau became popular it began to be used by a diverse of fields such as architecture, jewelry, furniture, textile, and is now accepted as total art.

Many of Europe’s architectures tend to have the image of art nouveau because of the many   artists who were active during the 20th century. Antoni Gaudi, who is famous for the unique style of structure such as the Casa Batillo  or Casa Milla, is also a artist who was influenced by Art Nouveau, and old buildings of  cities like Prague(which is the hometown of Alphonse Mucha) are  also built in a Art Nouveau style.

For this blog post I wanted to write about my favourite style of art which is Art Nouveau because recently I got to know the name of it. I like pretty much all of the components of this art style- women who seem to have skin like peaches and cream, their pink cheeks, curved lines that visually comforts me, and all the nature in the paintings- but of all those features, I especially like the antique colour of the paintings. I love how all the subjects of the paintings are outlined with mute toned blue colours which makes the main subject pop out from the background but would still go together nicely.

Related Artists: Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Antoni Gaudi, Toorop Jan, Aristide Maillol

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