Hitler hated the Jews and spread the idea that the Jews are a grody and an inferior race and that they should be get rid of this world because he thought they were useless. He instigated the people to make the people agree with his words by his attractive speeches and his power. Finally, Hitler put into his horrible plans into action which is the Holocaust(the term holocaust just means massacre, but in this essay, I’m going to use it to explain the specific term for the incident that happened in Germany by Hitler) that happened from 1941 to 1945 was carried out by the Nazis who followed the rules of Hitler.

 The Holocaust is remembered as one of the brutal genocides in the world history. During this horrendous time, two-thirds of the Jews who lived in Europe(which was approximately 9million) were killed and five million non-Jewish victims were additionally murdered by the mass murderers of the Nazis. The Nazis not only killed Jews during the Holocaust-they also captured and eliminated the disabled, the elderly, children, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s

Witnesses, and people who didn’t agree with their Nazism. When they first picked out the useless ones-such as the disabled or children-they began to send people to concentration camps away from their homes in trucks, against their wills.

 When all the Jews arrived at the concentration camps, they were forced to take off everything they were wearing and had to change into a uniform with blue stripes-not a single thing they possessed were allowed for them to take it into the camps. Many of the people got uniforms which were not their size-then, they had to change it between them themselves. Then, they were compelled to cut of their own hair bald. This was a meaning of submission of the Jews and to daunt the people. Everyone became alike-no matter rich, poor, or old.

 After the Jews were made identical with one another, they had to follow the daily routines that were set by the Nazis which were designed to reduce the number of the people in the concentration camps. The day of the prison inmates started with the Appell(the daily roll call) early in the morning. While a long list of orders and instructions were read out, the prisoners had to stay completely still in a straight line to be counted. When the kapos(prison inmates who were selected to help run the camps) counted the numbers wrong, the inmates were beaten up by the SS(Schutzstaffel/Storm troopers). Then, they were sent to do physical labour, such as mining, factory work, and construction which resulted high mortality rates because of the physical exhaustion, tiny portions of food, and the harsh treatment they received from the guards or some kapos.

 The living conditions were also filthy as it was like working conditions. 2000 prisoners had to share the toilet, which simply had a wooden board with holes which are made for the seats. The prisoners couldn’t even dream about privacy or sanitation in the camps.  They were never provided with clean water for washing, nor soap, and of course, they had to wear the same clothes for weeks or even months.

 ‘Unofficial’ killings happened frequently by the guards. When those  killings happened, they were usually reported with the reasons such as “trying to escape”, “assaulting a guard”, “sabotaging production”, “inciting prisoners to revolt” or with (fake)health issues such as “weak heart” or “interruption of circulation”. There were also killings happening systematically. Prisoners of war selected by Gestapo officials or members of the national resistance groups were counted as extremely dangerous ones and were specially selected to be killed. They were usually murdered in gas chambers at the killing centers. They were killed within 24hours from their arrival, without being recorded as a prisoner. This was considered as a very efficient way of killing people.

 The Hitler could’ve been seen as a national hero for the German during the war times, but as we look back at the past from the present point of view, we all know that it is wrong, and is needed to be blamed. I strongly think that if there are people who still survived, who is related to this merciless, insane killing, they should apologize to the families of the victim and survivor so that they never forget the wrongdoing they had done in the past.

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