Alphonse Mucha


Alphonse Mucha is a famous Czech artist who is famous for his Art Nouveau works. He is known to be one of the early founders of the genre,Art Nouveau, which later was sent overseas to Japan and influenced the animation industry.

Mucha’s works were mostly consisted of women, flowers, plants, and circular shapes. He had his own style of working- When he was once  requested to draw a poster(in those days when Mucha lived, printing technology weren’t developed, so posters had to be drawn by hand) he boldly changed the format of the poster. The original posters were made by attatching 2 big pieces of paper horizontally, but Mucha chose to stick the papers vertically so the paper became long enough for him to draw the entire figure of the main actor. This style of posters were never introduced to the world before, so the cheif officer did not like it but because they did not have time to make another one, they had to use Mucha’s poster.

However, as far as they were concerned about it things went very well. People were in love with

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