Political Interference by Foreign Donors

The Bolivian President declared during May Day that he was stopping the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for conniving with his government and therefore creating controversies. This decision portrayed an existing ideological conflict between the Bolivian government and Washington D.C.

Russians also accused USAID meddling with its political affairs while Egypt charged some Americans of engaging in illegal activity, an act that almost drove out a majority of the Americans. These cases show an increased number of governments who are fighting against assistance from abroad that they deem too political for their well-being.

Foreign assistance is a sensitive topic since it is construed to be intrusive. This is so because one country hopes to improve the basic conditions in another state by funding the requisite projects and providing the technical resources.

In order to quell this aggression and to perform their duties effectively, the donor organizations need to address the practical challenges and understand the political analyses of the country they hope to help. This will help them to identify their crucial entry points that will help them create new developments.

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