Looming Options and Interventions in Autonomous Warfare

Image result for Looming options and interventions in autonomous warfareOn August 1, the Director at the Intelligence Office revealed to the press that America had carried out 473 counterterrorism strikes outside its borders between January 2010 and December 2015. U.S. administrators have been effectively utilizing drone technologies in exercising use of force while at the same time lowering risks to military personnel.

However, a key query that looms is, what will artificial intelligence and renewable energy advances bring in to the sector?

Without a doubt, the combat endurance of autonomous warfare will increase as the commercial domain seeks to employ more renewable and efficient energy platforms, for instance the enlarged capacity of batteries. The aforementioned battery strategy is seen in the MQ-9 reaper, which can fly for 1000 knots without refueling; though future drone devices could use solar power to stay aloft till the need for maintenance arises. Also, such gadgets will be equipped with intelligence to periodically charge batteries in periods of mid mission rest, together with algorithms capable of identifying enemy camouflage or individual artillery.


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