How Gender Discrimination Limits Economic Success of Women

Image result for How Gender Discrimination Limits Economic Success of WomenDiscrimination of women is caused by laws that either prevents economic freedom of women or the absence of laws that are meant to protect women. Unfortunately, in many countries, women have no freedom in their professional lives. Instead, government or husbands make their decision on whether to work or how to work, for them.

In at least 15 countries in the world, a wife can be prevented from working by her husband. These countries include Sudan, Niger, Mauritania, Guinea, DRC, Chad, Cameroon, Syria, Kuwait, and Jordan. Also, many of these countries have laws that require wives to obtain their husband’s permission before holding a national identity card, travelling outside the country, applying for a passport and traveling outside the home. These are things that are needed by women who want high-powered careers. Without them, their careers are at risk.

In countries where husbands don’t have control over their wives, the state always steps in. In many countries, the state restricts the kinds of jobs that women do. Banned jobs are seen as harmful to the moral character of women. For instance, women are blocked from over 456 different jobs in Russia.



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