Differences Between System Software and Application Software

The Software is any program that makes a computer to do something meaningful. Normally, they are step-by-step instructions needed to turn data into information. There are two categories of software: System Software and Application Software.

System software refers to programs written for computers. The programs offer the platform on which application program are run. All programs that interact with the hardware at a basic level are classified as system software. They serve as an interface between the user and the hardware. Examples of system software are compilers, operating system, and utility programs.

The operating system is the most essential type of system software. It is a set of specialized programs that manage the overall computer operations. It acts as an interface between the computer hardware, software, and user. To run other programs, each computer has an operating system. The most common operating system is DOS, Linux, UNIX and Windows.

Applications software is all the programs designed to solve a problem. Rather than just managing a computer, they are used to perform specific tasks. These programs are managed by system software. Some common examples are game programs, railway reservation system and word processing software.




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