How to Become a Mathematics Genius

Have you ever heard someone saying: “I can’t do math”? Most likely you’ve said it yourself. Most students have often wondered if there is a specific pill that they need to take to become mathematics genius. If you have ever dreamed of becoming the parents/students’ icon or the talk of the classroom, here are three tips to help you become the mathematics nerd:

First, even if you get stuck in a problem, keep working. Don’t just relax and stare at the problem: think hard. If you are exhausted, come back the following day and try again. Although this may seem uncomfortable, the discomfort stretches the brain to accommodate new abilities.

Second, you must understand that math is sequential. A lot of students feel they can memorize formulas and concepts, or map out the answer before they start. This is not productive. A student should try to understand the concepts behind mathematics. If you understand why and how an equation works, you will remember it easily.

Lastly, learning math is like learning to play musical instruments. You cannot become skilled within few days. To become adept, you must practice for many days. Learning mathematics is also like learning a new language. Start practicing every day and you will be a genius after several months.


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