Classification of Micro Computers

A microcomputer is a small and relatively inexpensive computer that has a microprocessor as its central processing unit. It includes memory, a microprocessor, and minimal input/output circuitry built on a single printed circuit board.  Micro-computers are classified into workstations, personal computers, laptop computers and Mini PCs.

  1. Workstations

Also known as desktop machines, workstations are mostly used for intensive graphical applications. Compared with personal computers, they have more processor speed. They use sophisticated display screens that feature high-resolution colour graphics.

  1. Personal Computers

Also called PCs or home computers, the personal computers are very popular computer systems. They are more affordable and easier to use than workstations. They are self-sufficient computers intended for one user. Most often used for database applications and word processing.

  1. Laptop Computer

Laptop Computer or notebook computers are portable computers that are mainly carried in a briefcase.  They are wonderfully functional and portable, and popular with travellers who require a computer every place they visit.

  1. Mini PC

Mini PCs are tiny computers that can fit in the palm of your hand. An example of Mini PC is pen-based computers that use a pen-like stylus. Special hardware design techniques make them smaller, portable and light weight computers.



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