How to Maintain Hard Drive/ Software of a Computer

A well-maintained computer provides substantially higher speeds, regardless of hardware configuration and setup. Although all systems degrade over time, there are several tips on how to delay the inevitability.

All the junk that are left by browsers should be cleared. To do that, use the Disk Cleanup utility that comes with the Windows systems. You can also download a freeware program like CCleaner to do that for you. Bleachbit and Kleansweep can be used in Linux. Cache and cookies left behind by a browser can amount to many gigabytes of wasted space. Therefore, it is important to delete them.

Destroy viruses and/or spyware on your computer. There are many tools available to do that. Kaspersky and AVG Anti-Virus are examples of such tools. is one of the best places to legally get these tools.

Each month, defragment the hard drive to keep the computer running well. Windows XP has a utility to do that, but a tool known as Magical Defrag can help you to automatically defragment your systems during inactivity periods.

Delete videos you no longer watch and uninstall programs that you don’t use. A computer with more free space has a high processing speed.

Use computers disk management systems. For Mac, look for the Applications Folder, choose Utilities Folder and launch Disk Utility. For Windows, choose Performance and Maintenance and select “Rearrange items on your hard disk. Then select “Free up space on your hard disk.”


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