Using Mathematics in the Real World

When will I ever apply this in my life? This question has echoed through the halls of mathematics classrooms in many places. Struggling students become frustrated with some complex math problems and they give in to the idea that they will never employ mathematics in “real life” situations. However, math helps solve various work-related or real world problems.

First, math helps us to build things. Ask any construction worker or contractor and they will tell you that math is very important when it comes to creating anything. Building something that adds value and last requires the right set of tools, creativity, and mathematics. Armed with math, you have the ability to check the project estimates and, therefore, ensure you’re getting the best value.

Second, mathematics makes traveling easy and fun. When traveling, mathematics shows up in various ways: estimating the amount of fuel that a car needs. Calculating fuel usage is important for long distance travel. Failing to calculate will see you stranded on the road and taking much longer than expected. In addition, you may use mathematics throughout the journey by counting exit numbers, paying for tolls, checking tire pressure, etc.

Math also helps people to save money. Many experts agree that individuals who do not have strong math skills tend to spend, save, or invest money based on their emotions. Students who grasp math concepts properly save and spend their money without frustration or fear.


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