Justification for Mathematics Standards

For mathematics education to become substantially focused and coherent, mathematics standards are needed. These standards are basically meant to improve mathematics education. They provide clarity and specificity.

Instead of very wide statements without explanation, the standards ensure that learners grasp not just the conceptual key ideas but also the organizing principles. This is done by repeatedly referring to the organizing principles in the learning process. These principles include place value and laws of arithmetic. Through explanation and continuous reference to the principles, learners are able to understand mathematics.

The standards also ensure that there is a sequence of topics and performances. The sequence followed is based on research-based learning progressions that determine how the learner’s knowledge, skill, and understanding of mathematics develop over time. It is important that the sequence is maintained so that the learners can understand the concepts.

To test the understanding of learners, the teacher can ask them to justify why given statements are true or to explain why a given mathematics rule is applied in a given mathematics problem. The standards ensure the learners begin with simpler concepts in kindergarten. The concepts progressively get more detailed as the learner advance education.




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