Why You Need to Think Like a Mathematician

If you want to be a mathematician, you should think like one. The persistent habits of thinking like a mathematician change the way people analyze things. Regardless of your mathematical skill level, thinking like a mathematician will help you to:
Prioritize reason over passion
Mathematical proof depends on a bulletproof and clear set of steps that lead an individual from what is well-known to what is unfamiliar. In areas like economics, individuals fight about conclusions and scientists reverse findings. By contrast, mathematicians rarely reverse a result. This fact-based and dispassionate reasoning helps in politics and business but individuals have to start by knowing that they may reach a conclusion they don’t like.
Know that reasoning depends on assumptions
While scientists seek the truth, mathematicians seek truth relative to preliminary assumptions. They know that a triangle angles add up to 180 degrees only on assumption that one is on a flat plane. When people are reasoning about the world, they should question the starting assumptions.
Value ideas and intuition
People think mathematicians focus on logic. They don’t. They have big ideas that inspire what they research. There is no contradiction between locked-down reasoning and powerful ideas— individuals need the ideas to motivate them, and the reasoning to show they are right.

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