Reasons for Studying Algebra


Some students do not like studying algebra. Hopefully, at least some of the reasons I will discuss will help them know that studying algebra is useful.

Algebra will be important in your career
Students can’t get good grades in mathematics without some knowledge of algebra. To access university, college and some apprenticeships, good maths grades are a requirement. Indirectly, therefore, algebra gives students more chances of being able to choose careers which they enjoy.

Algebra enables people to think logically
Study of algebra helps human mind to think logically. Although it will reach a point where you will not be studying algebra every day, your brain will have been accustomed to thinking in a logical way. Thinking logically does not only help people in the workplace, but also in their daily lives.

Modern technology relies on algebra
All modern technology depends on algebra and mathematics- Google, mobile phones, the internet, digital televisions, and satellites would not exist without algebra. When you play a computer game or use a phone, you are relying on other individuals who studied algebra. If you like algebra, you are on your way to getting a job in the fast expanding technology sector.


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