Misconceptions Surrounding the Art of Programming

They are many misconceptions surrounding the art of programming. Many people view programming as a job for the gifted. Other people view it as a career path only for the mathematically inclined or for geeks. Today I will explore three misconceptions about computer programming.
An individual cannot learn programming languages before first mastering mathematics
Many people do not understand the relationship between programming and mathematics. Programmers spend most of their time writing code, not mathematics formula. Therefore, individuals’ knowledge in mathematics is not directly proportional to their programming skills. However, don’t get me wrong, you still need basic algebra.
You must be a genius
It does not matter if an individual’s IQ is 90 or 160, programming depends on your interests, not biological factors. Any person who knows how to communicate can be a programmer. Deep in its core, computer programming is just a language with its own vocabulary and grammar, and its existence is just to help you communicate with machines.
You have to be a graduate to learn computer programming
These days, a person can learn how to program from enthusiastic programmers, thanks to the Internet. You can learn how to program without the help of university lectures. You only need to pick a beginner course in websites such as Codecademy, or visit tutorial sites such as Nettuts+.

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