What is a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a computer program or application that allows the user to arrange and collate data. Also referred to as a worksheet, a spreadsheet is made up of columns and rows that help to sort data, organize data, and calculate numerical data.
The ability to calculate values using the data in cells and mathematical formulas is what makes a spreadsheet program unique. Spreadsheet enables users to adjust any stored value and note the effects on calculated values. For example, a spreadsheet may be used to create an overview of an individual’s bank’s balance.
Spreadsheets have completely replaced paper-based systems in the business world. Even though they were first developed for bookkeeping or accounting tasks, today they are used widely in any setting where tabular lists are made, sorted, and shared.
Besides performing arithmetic and mathematical functions, spreadsheets offer built-in functions for common statistical and financial operations. Below are several uses of spreadsheets:
Finance– spreadsheets are best for financial data, such as checking account information, transactions, and budgets.
Forms–form templates are created to handle evaluation, inventory, quizzes, performance reviews, and surveys.
School and grades—teacher use spreadsheets to calculate grade, track students, and identify any relevant data.

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