Why is Your Computer Freezing?

If you find your computer unresponsive at times, it’s time to get an in-depth check of your system. First, you need to identify the cause behind computer freezing to detect if it is hardware related or software specific. Identifying the cause helps users to resolve the problem quickly. They are many types of computer freeze issues, and each type is detected by system behavior. System freeze can be grouped into hang, generic freeze, random hang and single-app freeze
Hang— every time a specific set of a procedure is carried out on a PC, it hangs up and requests to be restarted to recover.
Generic freeze—the system becomes unresponsive and automatically goes to usual functional state without troubleshooting.
Random hang— occurs when the PC turns unresponsive often at regular intervals of time, and the user has to restart it.
Single-app Freeze —this occurs when PC freezes abnormally when the user attempts to start a particular program, a game or a heavy browsing website.
The main reasons (software as well as hardware) that cause a computer to hang are too many apps running, driver issues, operating system issues, excess heating up, hardware misconfiguration, insufficient RAM, BIOS settings, power issues, external devices, and hard drive malfunction.

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