Importance of Logic in Computer Science

Logic focuses on reasoning. Since reasoning is involved in all intellectual activities, logic is important in a broad range of pursuits. For students of computer science, the study of logic is essential. Logic is also very valuable for mathematicians.
Most logic courses include analyses of the features of deductive inference. Logic courses teach general methods and concepts that are valuable independently of formal languages. Students are taught how to construct proofs in English and other formal language. This ensures that methods and concepts learned can be used in various contexts. Students may be taught how to prove theorems about formal languages, which is important for linguistics, computer science, and some branches of mathematics.
The idea of Turing Machine, the idea of a general purpose computer, was invented during research in logic. All computer programs are written in symbolic languages, e.g., Prolog, Lisp, C++, and Fortran. These languages have features of logical symbolism. Both Prolog and Lisp are derivative of formal languages for logic. The study of logic can help an individual in the design of programs.
Computer science also includes mathematical and logical analysis of programs. With such analyses, a person can prove the accuracy of procedures and approximate the number of steps needed to execute a specified program.


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