Computer Science Before You Start College

Computer scientists play an important role in technological infrastructure. These are people who develop software, applications, and hardware for use by the businesses, military and average consumers. This makes computer science one of the fastest-growing career fields, with an estimated growth rate of 22% from 2012 to 2022. Although this may appear as a tremendous opportunity for students interested in computer science, it also means increased competition.
Many computer scientists believe that skill development before joining college is the key to success. Therefore, it is important for young students to learn the logic behind codes and in some cases how to develop simple programs of their own.
Young people have a natural gift for learning foreign languages. Advocates for teaching Chinese and Spanish in elementary curricula say that kids understand vocabulary and concepts more naturally than adults. Computer programming includes same elements and incorporates many languages.
Many organizations offer programming education for children and teens. Whether online or summer camps, they offer opportunities for young people to develop practical computer science skills and knowledge.
CodeEd and Scratch are two of the many online resources for young people interested in computer science. Other resources that may prove helpful for students and parents are,,,,,,, and

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