Websites That Will Help You Solve Your Math Problems

Some websites allow students to get instant solutions to their math problems, from equation and algebra to calculus and matrices. Here are some of the best sites to ask your math questions.
Physics forums
In the math category, there are about 30000 questions. There is a section that specifically deals with homework questions. Before anyone answers you, you need to show your work. To maintain its quality, Physics forums has some rules.
My Math Forum
Math Forum is dedicated to a better understanding of mathematics. So far, the site has around 15,000 questions with answers. The site offers a free discussion of math problems in any subject.
AskMe Help Desk (math category)
This site allows students to ask their math questions. The site allows for math notation in questions and answers.
Math answers are available on all types of mathematics questions such as basic numbers, logarithm, algebra, pre-calculus, and trigonometry. Students type their question, and they get their answers within 24 hours.
Other math help sites you may be interested in include Ask Dr. Math, Askville (math category), Yahoo answers, Answerbag (math category), AOL Answers (math category), and Open Study.


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