Three Highest Paying Programming Languages You Should Know

The world of technology continues to dominate socially and economically, pushing many people to search for their first career or change their focus toward programming, computer science, and other tech-related jobs. As consumers continue to look for highly-skilled programmers, it is important to choose the programing language you want to study. The following are three highest-compensated programming languages you should know.
With salaries about $110,000 per year, Go is one of the highest paying programming languages. Created in 2009 within Google as an open-source development platform, services like Uber, Netflix, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and Google utilize Go elements for infrastructure and internal functions.
Developed to address many issues with Java, people familiar with Scala earns as much as $110,000 annually depending on expertise and experience. A key feature of Scala is inter-compatibility with Java, so programmers familiar with both have a leg up on the competition especially when it comes to looking for jobs.
Objective-C is one of the most familiar and oldest programming languages. It is also the most lucrative for programmers and developers. Objective-C is a baseline language that is mainly used by Apple platforms. Individuals familiar with this programming language can expect to see at least $100,000 per year.

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