Basic Math Formulas You Should Know

Some math can be surprising and unexpected. In our daily life, we can determine which supermarket is offering us cheaper groceries or which is the best route to our schools. It is all about which calculation to use and connecting the dots. Subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division are quite easy, but when it comes to derivation, calculus and geometry, math formulas are needed. Here is a list of basic math formulas:
Average formula
Let x1,x2,x3,……,xn be a set of numbers, average = (x1 + x2 + x3,+……+ xn)/n
Per cent
Per cent to fraction: a% = a/100
Percentage formula: Percentage/base =Rate/100
Consumer math formulas
Discount = discount rate × discount rate
Discount rate = discount ÷ list price
Sale price = list price – discount
Interest = rate of interest × principal × time,
Geometry formulas
Perimeter of a square= 4L, Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(L + W), Perimeter of a triangle = a + b + c
Area of a square=s × s, Area of a rectangle= l × w, Area of a triangle= (b × h)/2, Area of a trapezoid= (b1 + b2) × h/2,
Volume of a cube= s × s ×s, Volume of a box=l × w × h, Volume of a sphere= (4/3) × pi × r3,
The volume of a cylinder= pi × r2 × Height.

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