Who is Bill Gates and What Can We Learn from Him?

Bill Gates is an American computer programmer who confounded Microsoft Corporation, the largest personal-computer software company in the world.
At the age of 13, Gates wrote his first software program. In high school, he formed a group of programmers who computerized payroll system in their school. He also founded Traf-O-Data, a company that offered traffic-counting systems to local governments. With his friend Paul G. Allen, Gates developed software for the first microcomputers in 1975. They started by adapting BASIC (a popular programming language that is used on large computers). After succeeding in this project, Gates and Allen left Harvard during their junior year and formed Microsoft.
Microsoft became so successful that Gates became a billionaire in 1986. Within a decade, his net worth reached into tens of billions of dollars. Consequently, he became one of the world’s richest private individual.
There are several lessons we can learn from Gates. First, people should be urgent. Technology moves at break neck speed and only the paranoid can survive. Second, people should be executors. Although the world is packed to the brim with ideas, very few people have the drive and skill to execute an idea effectively. Lastly, self-taught programmers can change the world. Gates learned to program when he was still in middle school.

Real World Graphs and Charts

There are numerous real-world graphs and charts. Today we will discuss different types of graph and charts that are helpful for real-life situations. First, we take a look at some health and medical graphs and charts. Then we look at some sales and marketing graphs and charts.
Medical charts and graphs
After an operation in hospital, patients are usually asked by nurses and doctors about how bad their pain is on 1-10 scale. Usually, medical graphs are done as line graphs, rather than column graphs or bar charts. Medical charts are complete records of patients’ medical history and clinical data, such as vital signs, demographics, treatment plans, diagnoses, problems, progress notes, allergies, immunization dates, laboratory results, and radiology images. Most of these graphs and charts are produced by computerized equipment that is attached to monitoring equipment.
In olden times, doctors manually made the measurements at regular intervals and drew them onto graph paper. Today most charting and graphing is automated by computer technology.
Sales and marketing graphs
In many businesses, charts and graphs are very important parts of reports, presentations and website pages. Businesspeople also use charts and graphs to monitor profits and investigate business opportunities.
Column graphs and bar charts seem to be used the most; however, line graphs and pie charts are also encountered. Graphs and charts are extremely important in sales, finance, marketing, insurance, legal professions, and psychology.

Mobile App Development Career

The latest mobile apps and devices are changing the way we access information, communicate, and do business. Programmers, businesses, and consumers have embraced this innovative medium, making mobile app developer one of the fastest and most demanded growing IT career paths.
While a degree in CS is not strictly necessary, it gives students a foundation for the field of mobile app development. Many companies also prefer job applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
Mobile developers write programs using C++, Objective C, Java or C# programming languages. They choose the mobile platform they will develop, such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. They then learn software development environment and the programming languages for that platform.
Typically, businesses develop mobile apps for many platforms at once, to maximise return on investment and market penetration. Therefore, programmers who learn many mobile development platforms are more sought-after than those who learn a few platforms. Today, iOS and Android dominate the market, making these platforms the best place to focus your mobile app development studies.
There are many mobile apps developer accredited degrees and training programs that feature coursework in mobile media design, mobile app programming, app deployment and marketing for the top mobile platforms.

What Steps Must You Take Before Writing a Program?


Before you write a computer program, you must take at least three steps. These steps will help you avoid writing programs that do not work or that solve the wrong problems. With planning, your program will work and perform the tasks that you want. When designing a program, the following steps are crucial:
Identify the problem
What problem do you want to solve? If you cannot clearly answer this question, you won’t know what to write. Every program solves a certain problem. The aim of any program is to make a particular task easier, faster, and more convenient.
Identify the user
You must properly identify the users of your program. If users don’t fall in love with your program, they will not use it. A person who designs a program with users in mind is more likely to succeed than a programmer who does not care about the users.
Consider your programming skills
Consider your programming skill when writing any program. If you have little experience, but have a great idea for a program, writing your program may take years. Your experience and skills also determine the programming language you will use.