What Steps Must You Take Before Writing a Program?


Before you write a computer program, you must take at least three steps. These steps will help you avoid writing programs that do not work or that solve the wrong problems. With planning, your program will work and perform the tasks that you want. When designing a program, the following steps are crucial:
Identify the problem
What problem do you want to solve? If you cannot clearly answer this question, you won’t know what to write. Every program solves a certain problem. The aim of any program is to make a particular task easier, faster, and more convenient.
Identify the user
You must properly identify the users of your program. If users don’t fall in love with your program, they will not use it. A person who designs a program with users in mind is more likely to succeed than a programmer who does not care about the users.
Consider your programming skills
Consider your programming skill when writing any program. If you have little experience, but have a great idea for a program, writing your program may take years. Your experience and skills also determine the programming language you will use.

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