Real World Graphs and Charts

There are numerous real-world graphs and charts. Today we will discuss different types of graph and charts that are helpful for real-life situations. First, we take a look at some health and medical graphs and charts. Then we look at some sales and marketing graphs and charts.
Medical charts and graphs
After an operation in hospital, patients are usually asked by nurses and doctors about how bad their pain is on 1-10 scale. Usually, medical graphs are done as line graphs, rather than column graphs or bar charts. Medical charts are complete records of patients’ medical history and clinical data, such as vital signs, demographics, treatment plans, diagnoses, problems, progress notes, allergies, immunization dates, laboratory results, and radiology images. Most of these graphs and charts are produced by computerized equipment that is attached to monitoring equipment.
In olden times, doctors manually made the measurements at regular intervals and drew them onto graph paper. Today most charting and graphing is automated by computer technology.
Sales and marketing graphs
In many businesses, charts and graphs are very important parts of reports, presentations and website pages. Businesspeople also use charts and graphs to monitor profits and investigate business opportunities.
Column graphs and bar charts seem to be used the most; however, line graphs and pie charts are also encountered. Graphs and charts are extremely important in sales, finance, marketing, insurance, legal professions, and psychology.

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