How Long Do Computer Scientists Work?

Computer science originally started as an offshoot of mathematics, and it’s more closely related to math or logic than to other sciences because of all of its theories. Most programmers spend almost all of their time developing software or thinking about how to improve a current project, but when it comes to the schedule required by their employers, they work the same 40-hour weeks as anybody else.

A programmer’s schedule is oriented around a deadline for project completion. Therefore, many employers ask developers to stay late when a deadline draws close. However, the atmosphere among developers is usually good. In fact, the majority of computer scientists love doing their jobs. Even when they’re not at work, programmers are usually contributing to some outside project or working on Android or iPhone.

Programmers can just focus on programming and spend their time thinking about Python or Java development or whatever they do as developers. It’s useful to know graph algorithms, but programmers always look them up when they need them. Being as sharp as possible helps programmers work more efficiently, but there will always be more work to do.

Software engineering has more potential for technological advancement than most other scientific fields, and growth in this industry is expected to be much faster than average. People who don’t mind working long hours to meet a deadline should consider becoming computer programmers.


What You Should Know About Writing a Math Book

Writing a math book requires careful planning. Every chapter is supposed to introduce new concepts, the ideas, explanations, and the problems must be designed to be at the right level for the students. Math writers must ensure they already know what each chapter will cover before even writing a word.

First, a math writer should research the standards of the target demographic. Each county has different math standards for each grade.

The second step is investigating what is already available. Writers must look at existing math textbooks for the country and grade level they want to write for. Do the existing textbooks have enough details and clear explanations?

Third, math book writers must organize their book. In a math book, each lesson builds on the previous. For example, you must explain decimals are in one lesson, compare them in the second lesson, and add and subtract them in the third lesson.

Writing a book proposal is the fourth step. All textbook companies have a list of what they want in a proposal. Writers are required to include a title, table of contents, description of the book, and at least two sample chapters

The last step is writing chapters. In each chapter, explain the concept, provide several examples, and develop some problems. After writing all chapters, review them.


Math Exam Preparation: How to Study for a Math Exam

When it comes to math, practice makes perfect- that’s why your teacher gives you many tedious homework problems! Although many people try to study for math exam by simply memorizing equations and formulas, the best way to learn them is to use them. Do your homework, start studying early, and ask your teacher or classmates for help if you run into any problems.

After school, look over all the notes you took in class that day for about 20 minutes. As exam approaches, review your notes for each chapter or unit more thoroughly. Pay attention to example problems provided in class because these will help you know how a given formula or procedure works.

Students who join a study group perform well on math exams. Different people understand concepts in different ways. A problem that you cannot solve may be solved easily by a study partner. If all students in the group are confused something, you should ask the teacher for help.

Most classes at least suggested, or have assigned, problems that the tutor feels are most useful. Math exam problems are mostly similar to homework problems. Therefore, doing your daily homework is like taking a practice test each day.

It’s more useful to understand how formulas are derived than simply memorizing them. At first, memorization is a good, but understanding how a formula works by doing many practice problems will increase your chances of passing with flying colors.


Computer Jobs with the Brightest Future

Want to know computer jobs that will be in demand, offer the best opportunities for advancement and highest salaries once you finish training? The following are computer jobs that will experience the fastest growth, boast top employment rates, pay salaries above the national average and offer a range of advancement opportunities:
Mobile Application Developer
Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. As tablets and smartphones continue to change the way people communicate, access news and entertainment, and do business, the demand for innovative mobile applications is growing at an alarming rate. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are expected to offer the most job opportunities for mobile app developers.
Database Administrator
Businesses are accumulating a large amount of information, driving the need for trained database administrators to store, organize, analyze and secure data. Furthermore, as more databases are connected to the cloud and internet, data security is expected to become complex and vital. Database administrators will be employed to protect databases from hackers.
Software Engineer
The demand for software engineers is expected to rise along with the increase of emerging network technologies and technological advancements. For example, increased adoption of cloud and virtualization strategies is expected to create a surge for software engineers who can develop secure web-based programs.
Other best computer jobs for the future include video game designer, network administrator, IT security specialist, computer systems analyst, web developer, and health information technician.