Computer Jobs with the Brightest Future

Want to know computer jobs that will be in demand, offer the best opportunities for advancement and highest salaries once you finish training? The following are computer jobs that will experience the fastest growth, boast top employment rates, pay salaries above the national average and offer a range of advancement opportunities:
Mobile Application Developer
Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. As tablets and smartphones continue to change the way people communicate, access news and entertainment, and do business, the demand for innovative mobile applications is growing at an alarming rate. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are expected to offer the most job opportunities for mobile app developers.
Database Administrator
Businesses are accumulating a large amount of information, driving the need for trained database administrators to store, organize, analyze and secure data. Furthermore, as more databases are connected to the cloud and internet, data security is expected to become complex and vital. Database administrators will be employed to protect databases from hackers.
Software Engineer
The demand for software engineers is expected to rise along with the increase of emerging network technologies and technological advancements. For example, increased adoption of cloud and virtualization strategies is expected to create a surge for software engineers who can develop secure web-based programs.
Other best computer jobs for the future include video game designer, network administrator, IT security specialist, computer systems analyst, web developer, and health information technician.

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