How Long Do Computer Scientists Work?

Computer science originally started as an offshoot of mathematics, and it’s more closely related to math or logic than to other sciences because of all of its theories. Most programmers spend almost all of their time developing software or thinking about how to improve a current project, but when it comes to the schedule required by their employers, they work the same 40-hour weeks as anybody else.

A programmer’s schedule is oriented around a deadline for project completion. Therefore, many employers ask developers to stay late when a deadline draws close. However, the atmosphere among developers is usually good. In fact, the majority of computer scientists love doing their jobs. Even when they’re not at work, programmers are usually contributing to some outside project or working on Android or iPhone.

Programmers can just focus on programming and spend their time thinking about Python or Java development or whatever they do as developers. It’s useful to know graph algorithms, but programmers always look them up when they need them. Being as sharp as possible helps programmers work more efficiently, but there will always be more work to do.

Software engineering has more potential for technological advancement than most other scientific fields, and growth in this industry is expected to be much faster than average. People who don’t mind working long hours to meet a deadline should consider becoming computer programmers.


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