Which Cool Jobs Require Math Learning?

Every person wants to be associated with children who dream big. Kids want to be baseball players, dancers, pilots, zoo keepers, sculptors, and veterinarians–only their imagination can limit them. Therefore, teachers and parents have the task of giving them the tools they require to realize those dreams. Learning math is one of those tools. The following are cool jobs that require math learning:


In animation, art and math go hand in hand like marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. Algebra creates a special effect, making images to shine. On the other hand, trigonometry helps move and rotate characters.

Game designer

Video game or board designing is a cool job. Everyone would want to playtest Candyland, Clue or Monopoly. All game designers need to understand game theory which is a branch of applied mathematics. If you are an aspiring video programmer, consider studying calculus, physics, and trigonometry.

Robotics engineer

Robotics engineers test, maintain and design robots. It is a growing industry and chances of being employed are high. Look for mathematics books if you want to start designing a house-cleaning robot.

Jet fighter pilot

The life of a jet fighter pilot seems miles far from a math classroom. In movies like, “Top Gun,” pilots seem to streak through the sky without figuring out the speed and direction of wind or not calculating the amount of fuel they have left. On the fly, however, pilots complete major mathematics problems.

Other jobs that require math learning are a sports announcer and professional photographer.

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