Mathematics is Everywhere

Mathematics expresses itself in almost every facet of life. It is the language of engineering and science—describing everything that we observe. Mathematics is used in our everyday lives—from calculating the bank interest to figuring out the amount you need to buy your lunch. Logical thinking plays a part in our everyday activities. A good understanding of mathematics in everyday life is necessary for making sense of all problems life throws at you.

Mathematics used to understand the cycles of nature as seen in the seasons. People in the ancient world understood the importance of defining time about celestial movements for astronomical, agricultural, navigational and astrological reasons.

Even before we learned what mathematics entails, we found ourselves counting various things. One of the activities that people engage in when they are young is counting various quantities.

Everything in the solid form has shape. Squares, triangles, and circles are just a few examples of the shapes we observe daily. Mathematics focuses on regular shapes, such as the two-dimensional rectangle and the three-dimensional solids like spheres and polyhedrons.

Almost all games and puzzles require mathematical logic and deduction. Kids who play math games learn addition, multiplication, geometry, algebra, fractions, problem-solving and more. To realize mathematics in games and puzzles, start playing various popular games.


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