The Journey to Becoming a Computer Scientist

The study of Computer Science opens one’s mind to limitless possibilities in creating model solutions to our perception of the environment. A student of Computer science has first to appreciate that what they think they know is not the truth but an idea of the truth. With this kind of mentality, one can undertake Computer Science with an open mind.
One has first to understand the basic concepts of programming languages. Five basic concepts of any programming language are program structure, variable declaration, looping structures, control structures, and syntax. Secondly, it is important to understand that a degree in Computer Science only serves to introduce you to the beginning of a journey rather than the end. Basic knowledge in computer programing only serves to usher the knowledge bearer into uncharted territory.
Computer scientists should be able to explore existing models serving the current environment. Exploration is done with the aim of identifying their strengths and weaknesses to present an informed and advanced critique. A keen Computer Scientist will hence be able to develop a newer and better computing system model.
Computer scientists should understand what different programming languages can do for them. What are the languages best suited for? What are the facilities and constructs in the language, and what do they facilitate? Sure, one can use programing languages in many different ways, but one should know what they lend themselves most easily.

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