What to do with a Math Degree

What can you do with a degree in math? The answer to this question is varied as mathematicians are in demand in many industries. People who study math find themselves working in sectors they have never even considered, such as medicine and law. The following are some potential answer to the question “what can I do with a degree in math?

Careers in finance and accountancy

Accountancy offers many choices for math degree graduates. Accountancy jobs include roles such as tax consultants, forensic accountant, corporate advisor and management accountant.

Careers in banking

Opportunities in banking are many and range from retail banking to corporate banking. Both arenas focus on financial assessment with opportunities to specialize in areas such as bonds and shares, mergers and acquisitions, lending, privatization, and IPOs.

Actuarial careers

Actuary evaluates financial risk to advise clients. Combining in-depth knowledge of business and economics with risk analysis skills, actuaries are at the heart of the business, ensuring business goals are fulfilled, and sound investment is made.

Statisticians careers

Specialists in statistics are known as statisticians. Statisticians’ skills are needed in many industries, ranging from finance to sport and healthcare to government. As a statistician, you will be required to manage, collect, and arrange data using experiments, survey, and contextual analysis.




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