Is Math Really Hard?

Many times I have heard students say ‘Math is hard. I have also heard some students say mathematics is a straightforward subject.

It is funny that most people that complain about math are very smart when calculating money. If mathematics is hard as some people believe, then most people ought to be looking for mathematicians to help with their daily transactions.

Mathematics is one of the subjects where you can score highly because as long as you solve it properly you get the same answer as your teacher. Math also does not change based on time, in every language, so what is hard about mathematics?

There are two main reasons why most people believe mathematics is hard. These are:


Some teachers instill fear into their students by making them believe that they cannot get a credit or distinction easily. Teachers may do this deliberately. They may also infuse fear into students because they don’t really understand; therefore, they mess things up to cover their ignorance.

Family and friends

Before some students get into a mathematics class, they would have been told by their family or friends how hard it is for them to understand mathematics. This created a mental barrier that can take years to be broken.

Before getting into math classes, students should have an open mind and attempt to delete all negative stories they heard about mathematics.


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