Three Free Online Courses That Can Help You Improve Your Math Skills

It is always good to work on your math skills. Excellent math skills can open doors to careers in many fields such as data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, computer programming, and much more. To improve your math skills, consider the folioing three online courses:

Precalculus (ASUx)

If you want to improve your performance in future calculus courses, online pre-calculus course from Arizona State is fit for you. This course focuses on quantitative reasoning and functions applications, acquainting students with main concepts essential for future college-level calculus courses.

College Algebra and Problem Solving

In the study of mathematics, algebra is the essential starting point. In this course, students not only learn how to apply algebraic reasoning but also to solve a wide range of problems. Students are taught on the subjects they are most ready to study while also getting personalized coaching as they move through each topic.

Introduction to Geometry

Learn how to prove geometric theorems and get introduced to angles. Calculate the areas of triangles, circles, polygons and other shapes. This course will help you learn to reason in terms of lines, planes and volume. Geometry is an exciting area of mathematics that is integral to many professions including engineering, architecture, graphic design and computer animation.


Three Online Courses That Will Help Beginner Coders Learn Computer Science Basics

Online resources are helpful, but they can get a bit overwhelming from time to time. That is the reason I have put together a small list of three online courses recommended for learning computer science for beginner coders.

Computer Basics (Treehouse)

Computer Basics is an excellent computer science introductory course for beginners. It short but helpful course because it introduces beginner coders not only to computer science basics but also the underlying concepts of how computers function and what is happening behind the scenes when one run computer programs. Beginner coders learn the basics of data processing, what binary means in computer science, how memory works, and how computer software works.

Cs101 Bootcamp (Udemy)

This is a great course at Udemy that can be recommended to beginner coders. It’s well-suited for beginners because there are no technical requirements before taking the course. As long as an individual has used a computer or a smartphone in the past, that is enough for this 2-hour course. The course will help you understand the mobile apps, fundamentals of databases, and the basics of software programming.

Computer Science E-50 (Harvard College)

This is a wonderful free course for computer science basics for beginners. The tutor does an amazing job clarifying everything and the content is high in quality with full lecture videos.


Three Best Programming Books to Read if You Want to Distinguish Yourself

While community forums like Stack Overflow and search engines are indispensable, there is no way a person can obtain the same depth of perspective and knowledge as one get from reading books. If you read these best programming books this year, you will be a step ahead of almost everyone around you.

Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

If you are curious about life as a programmer, this book is for you. The book is packed with thought-provoking interviews from 15 talented computer scientists and programmers including Joshua Bloch, Donald Knuth, Peter Norvig, Jamie Zawinski and Ken Thomson. Coders at Work give readers a peek into how greatest programmers think.

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete is believed to be the encyclopedia of practical programming and a must-read for professional programmers. The book has been assisting developers write better software for over a decade. Each chapter of this book is packed with techniques and suggestions to improve everyday programming and create code that is clear and easier to manage.

The Mythical Man Month

Few texts on software project management have been as timeless and influential as The Mythical Man-Month. Boasting of thought-provoking opinions and software engineering facts, this book offers insight for every person managing complex projects. Premised on the fact that computers change, but human don’t, the book discusses the human elements of software engineering.


Companies That Hire People With Computer Science Degrees

If you have distinguished yourself as one of the most intelligent and talented people around by getting a degree in computer science, your employment prospects look bright. According to Susan Adams, a Forbes columnist, the median starting salary for computer science majors is about $60,000 per year, and this will increase to a median of about $100,000. In this article, I will talk about the top companies that employ the most computer science majors.

1. CSC

Although CSC may not be the most renowned technology company, it’s one of the biggest providers of computer science jobs globally. The company provides management, outsourcing and IT contracting services for companies in various industries. The company’s headquarters are situated in Falls Church, Virginia.

2. AppLabs

AppLabs offers consulting, offshoring, outsourcing and specialist services in software testing, quality management and certification. It has been acquired by CSC, reinforcing its status as the top employer of computer science graduates in the world.

3. General Dynamics

General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense company. Despite not being the best-known name in the tech industry, the company hires plenty of computer science graduates.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft is a well-known multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It’s mainly a software corporation, but it also sells devices. Actually, Microsoft provides more marketing and sales jobs than computer science jobs.

Other companies that hire computer science graduates are Deloitte,, and ManTech International. Raytheon Hewlett-Packard and Northrop Grumman.


The Importance of Computer Technology in Our Daily Life

Computer technology is used to connect and serve people in the modern world. Mobile devices, desktops, and laptops network the world together and carry out multiple operations at once; this industry, however, includes more than these machines. Government, organizations, individuals and communities rely on computer technology to innovate or produce the majority of things in their lives, such as services, care, entertainment, communication, transportation and education.

Computer technology includes machines that receive commands and perform services accordingly. Various types of operations, such as record keeping, planning and billing transactions, take place through customized or commercially available machines. Today, most modern devices use microchips and processing units to execute their basic functions. Gas station pumps, ATM machines, barcode scanners and GPS units are some of the common devices in everyday life that use computer technology.

Television programs and motion pictures use some form of audio, visual and animation effects in their production. Video games use graphics produced by a computer, and all games must be plugged into a computer-based home entertainment system.

Computer technology also enables people to communicate effectively. People correspond with friends, acquaintances, business associates and family through social media, texting, instant messaging and email. People also use computers to create holiday newsletters and attend video conferences instead of having to travel. Additionally, people access news, stock prices, weather forecasts, and more through blogs and websites.