Three Online Courses That Will Help Beginner Coders Learn Computer Science Basics

Online resources are helpful, but they can get a bit overwhelming from time to time. That is the reason I have put together a small list of three online courses recommended for learning computer science for beginner coders.

Computer Basics (Treehouse)

Computer Basics is an excellent computer science introductory course for beginners. It short but helpful course because it introduces beginner coders not only to computer science basics but also the underlying concepts of how computers function and what is happening behind the scenes when one run computer programs. Beginner coders learn the basics of data processing, what binary means in computer science, how memory works, and how computer software works.

Cs101 Bootcamp (Udemy)

This is a great course at Udemy that can be recommended to beginner coders. It’s well-suited for beginners because there are no technical requirements before taking the course. As long as an individual has used a computer or a smartphone in the past, that is enough for this 2-hour course. The course will help you understand the mobile apps, fundamentals of databases, and the basics of software programming.

Computer Science E-50 (Harvard College)

This is a wonderful free course for computer science basics for beginners. The tutor does an amazing job clarifying everything and the content is high in quality with full lecture videos.


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