Three Free Online Courses That Can Help You Improve Your Math Skills

It is always good to work on your math skills. Excellent math skills can open doors to careers in many fields such as data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, computer programming, and much more. To improve your math skills, consider the folioing three online courses:

Precalculus (ASUx)

If you want to improve your performance in future calculus courses, online pre-calculus course from Arizona State is fit for you. This course focuses on quantitative reasoning and functions applications, acquainting students with main concepts essential for future college-level calculus courses.

College Algebra and Problem Solving

In the study of mathematics, algebra is the essential starting point. In this course, students not only learn how to apply algebraic reasoning but also to solve a wide range of problems. Students are taught on the subjects they are most ready to study while also getting personalized coaching as they move through each topic.

Introduction to Geometry

Learn how to prove geometric theorems and get introduced to angles. Calculate the areas of triangles, circles, polygons and other shapes. This course will help you learn to reason in terms of lines, planes and volume. Geometry is an exciting area of mathematics that is integral to many professions including engineering, architecture, graphic design and computer animation.



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