Benefits and Limitations of Python Programming Language

Python is an interpreted high-level and dynamic programming language for general-purpose programming. The syntax in Python allows programmers to code in fewer steps as compared to C++ or Java. Founded by the developer Guido Van Rossum in 1991, the language makes programming easy and fun.

The Python language has varied application in the software development firms such as in web frameworks and applications, gaming, language development, graphic design applications, prototyping etc. This provides the programming language a higher plethora over other languages used in the software industry. Some of its benefits or advantages are extensive support libraries, integration feature, improved programmer’s productivity and productivity.

The software development companies use Python language because of its fewer programming codes and versatile features. Nearly 14 percent of the programmers use it on the operating systems such as UNIX, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. The programmers of leading companies use it as it has created a mark for itself in the industry with characteristic features like interactive, interpreted, dynamic, modular, object-oriented, high level, portable and extensible in C++ & C.

Despite having varied advantageous features, Python has still not made its place in some computing arenas such Enterprise Development Shops. This language, therefore, may not solve some of the enterprise solutions. Limitations of Python include difficulty in using other languages, weak in mobile computing, gets slow in speed, run-time errors, and underdeveloped database access layers.


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