KnowRe, An Adaptive Math Program, Was Purchased By Korean Publisher

KnowRe, a popular digital math program, was acquired by Korean publisher Daekyo. This happened last month, but KnewRe will continue to operate in the same manner it has been operating in. As for financial terms, those were not discussed or disclosed.

KnewRe was launched in 2012 and their program is an adaptive program. When a student fails to solve a problem, the program provides them with steps they could take to help them solve the problem. The program then provides students with additional materials to help them improve those skills.

It’s safe to say that KnowrRe will continue to thrive.

Jobs For Computer Science & Math Majors

One of the best jobs for computer science and math majors is a software engineer, which involves building and installing software. Another good career option is a programmer analyst, which designs programs and apps after they receive the specifics from the project, which means they focus on making system improvements.

There are other jobs that are great for computer science and math majors, which include research assistants, programmers, software developers (different from engineers) and teachers.

When you earn a math and computer science degree, then you’ll have many options in regards to jobs, and you will find there is a range of companies looking for people with such skills.

Math You Should Know If You Want To Earn A Computer Science Degree

Generally speaking, if you want to pursue a computer science degree, there are some areas of math you should be good at. One of the most important areas is number theory, as well as probability. Other areas include statistics and basic algebra. Of course, you need to have an excellent command of basic math such as addition, subtraction, multiplications and division.

The area of math you should be the strongest in depends on the area of computer science you want to study. However, the previously discussed areas are a good start. If you want a computer science degree, then definitely brush up on your math skills.

When and When Not to Teach Math Tricks and Shortcuts

Shortcuts help students to get the right answer quickly. However, they are only helpful to students who have totally mastered a concept. Once students have mastered a math concept, giving them a shortcut is not only appropriate but also fun.

Kids who learn math shortcuts before fully understanding the concept are likely to use the shortcut inappropriately or fail to use it when the problem is presented in a different way. Another problem is that the children rely on the shortcut and consequently fail to appreciate the concept behind the shortcut.

Additionally, many shortcuts do not apply to all situations. Adding “0” to the end when multiplying a number by 10, for example, only works with whole numbers. The “rule” does not holds true once students start learning decimals. Therefore, kids incorrectly using the shortcut will get 0.130 when multiplying 0.13 by 10, rather than 1.3.

Many well-meaning teachers and parents attempt to help students struggling with math problems by offering them shortcuts. This approach of relying on shortcuts kills critical thinking, the fundamental skill children need when solving problems throughout their lives. Therefore, teachers should not introduce the shortcuts until the students have demonstrated understanding of the concept.


Strategies That Will Help You Get a Computer Science Internship

Many companies are looking for interns who can build things and get things done in practice. Hopefully, this should align with your interests so that the answer becomes simple — start developing things!

Starting to create things does not mean you force yourself to do things you don’t like. For instance, don’t memorize Javascript if you don’t like web development. For people who are into cooking, they should go and piece together a recipe generator. There is no such thing as a dumb idea.

It is important to let people know you can create new things. You could be world’s best python master but no one would know if you never do anything with it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to show people what you can do. At the very least you’ll be able to demonstrate that you have what it takes to get things done.

Don’t miss your computer science classes, but don’t count on your grade to land you to an internship. Never before has what people have built mattered more than their grades. You need to show that you are a computer scientists who can make good product decisions, who is sensitive to the needs of the end user, and who has a track record of finishing projects.