Does Playing Violent Video Games Lead To Rise in Physical Aggression

Violence based video games have been on the rise for the last couple of decades. From mutilations to combat and even zombies, the variety of violence in video games has not been limited at all. With the players mostly being young people, most parents have always been worried about the effect these video games have on their children. Apart from reduced social interaction, it seems playing violent video games has a strong effect on a child’s aggressive tendencies.

A meta-analysis carried out by Dartmouth researchers supported the claim that indeed violent video games cause increased physical aggression amongst children and youths. The study that involved participants of different age sets from year 9-19 showed that with time video game players begin to become aggressive. The physical aggression varies from school fights, bullying and being sent to the principal’s office due to aggressive incidents.

However, physical aggression may vary according to races. The researchers discovered that the rise in aggressiveness was most notable in whites and Asians. Hispanics showed no physical aggression as a result of violent video games. This was attributed to the empathy levels of the various ethnic groups. Hispanics are more empathic towards the victims of violence as compared to whites and Asians.

Though critics argue against the likelihood of a video game causing a change in attitude or behavior in a person it is worth noting that there are more findings that suggest their argument is flawed. As children advance in age and consequently advance in the levels of violence in their video games, they become more likely to become physically aggressive.






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