The Future of Quantum Internet

Entanglement is a phenomenon based on quantum physics which when exploited will revolutionize communication technology via the quantum internet. Scientists are underway to make it possible to transmit quantum bits at any two locations on earth. The two quantum bits can get entangled such that an effect on one qubit will affect the other.

The norm will be a new item to the current internet state and will offer two features. Entanglement will allow for an improvement in coordination between far apart sites. Two among other tasks can get achieved from the improved coordination. Clocks can get synchronized together. Distance telescopes can also get linked to provide better images.

Entanglement also offers privacy and security. When two quantum bits get entangled together, then that entanglement is hidden from anyone else in the universe. This kind of security can benefit applications that necessitate privacy and security.

Researchers from the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research and Delft University of Technology have collaborated to form QuTech. The team has managed to set quantum internet in development in stages which get distinguished by corresponding applications and technological capabilities.

A prepare and measure network is a true quantum network of its lowest stage allows for the simultaneous delivery of a quantum bit after a quantum bit by an end to end network within two network nodes.

In the highest stage, arbitrary quantum applications can get executed from the connection of large quantum computers on a long-term basis.

An awaking of a large-scale quantum internet could be closer than we think since the end to end transmission of quantum bits enabled by true networks are highly expected to function in coming years.




Making Nano-sized Ferroelectric Materials Smaller

Physicists are working on a way to save energy by replacing the use of magnetism in computer memory with ferroelectricity. Additionally, a lot of space will get save should the ferroelectric bits get Nano-sized. However, once made smaller the ferroelectric properties disappear. The statement gets based on conventional wisdom.

The field is still in doubt concerning some reports. The reports which state that nanoscale ferroelectric can get conjured from hafnium oxide. However, in a battle to prove their research, physicists from the University of Groningen had evidence proving their theories published on 22 October in Nature Materials.

The spontaneous dipole moments in ferroelectric materials enable it to point up or down. The bits are beneficial based on the facts that they use low power and voltage, unlike magnetic bits which use more power by requiring enormous currents to enable switching.

As much as the spontaneous dipole moment in ferroelectric materials make it a prime candidate for information storage it also creates their downfall. Aligned dipoles maintain their stability in large groups and the dipole moments disappear once the crystals get smaller.

According to Professor Beatriz Noheda of Functional Nanomaterials in UG, the reduction of Ferro materials size has for more than 20 years been a research topic. Noheda and the research team investigated a study on the crystals that included using a substrate to grow clean (single-phase) films.

In their research development, Noheda discovered that other simple oxides could work in the same way as hafnium oxide. The professor is confident of the fact that the creation of clarity in the mechanics of Nanosized ferroelectricity could spark new research platforms.



Math Needed for Computer Science

Computer science and math are inevitable couples. Nonetheless, there are specific types of math that computer science needs. Here are some of the most critical topics that computer science needs.

Discrete Math

When it comes to integers and sets, this mathematics branch is an important asset. This math has helped in computational models or reasoning. During programming designing, that is supposed to be used in the many machines, this math of reasoning will be useful when it comes to your logic and algorithms designed to work in different computers or programs correctly.

Discrete math is comprehensive and was deduced merely to include essential math topics needed in computer science. Students who are exposed to these topics will find the software engineering challenges easy to tackle.


When it comes to speculating on odds that can occur, Probability cant be ignored. Probability is an essential aspect of computer science because it will determine the likelihood of computer program actions. Take a look at an algorithm which separates numbers in descending structure for instance. Forecasting how quick an algorithm can run will depend on many different factors. Probability can assist in determining whether the data emitting to the algorithm is bad or good hence helping you come up with a viable solution.

Binary Algebra and Boolean

At the lowest level, a computer stands at 1’s and 0’s. However, it does so much daily. But how can it do all that with only a 1’s and 0’s. This is where Boolean Algebra comes through. The computer uses this Algebra to combine the two numbers and come up with substantial Data.




Why maths is important in Computer Science and Software Engineering

This is a very frequent and common most CS graduates ask “is maths that important?”. The hard calculus and complex equations that is boring. Sciences and engineering fields can’t survive without mathematics. Predominantly, logic and discrete mathematics are core basements for any computer studies like software engineering, information system, and computer science. These studies however are mostly independently taught and important mathematical connection to computing are not taught or introduced. Nonetheless, mathematics is a discipline that is naturally complimentary. This helps in enacting and understanding the different computer science fundamentals. For the students benefit accordingly, it is important to introduce mathematics at an early age and circuited entirely in the curriculum. Mathematics gives motivation to any academic field it is applicable. .

The big challenge has always been when it comes to Software engineering whether you need to have a mathematic background Or rather will you be a successful software engineer without mathematics. It will be hard for you without a mathematical knowledge more so when you want to design a food app that you can use for food ordering. The app must have location, user’s preferences, rating, past experiences, popularity and ethnicity how will you come up with an algorithm which will control all these parameters? The energy or weight allocated to these needs will require a measurement. How future orders will be affected when you change the perimeters?  The first 6 restaurants you will suggest to your users and how it will impact them is all mathematics.  Mathematics is an important aspect in every computer  science application.