Why maths is important in Computer Science and Software Engineering

This is a very frequent and common most CS graduates ask “is maths that important?”. The hard calculus and complex equations that is boring. Sciences and engineering fields can’t survive without mathematics. Predominantly, logic and discrete mathematics are core basements for any computer studies like software engineering, information system, and computer science. These studies however are mostly independently taught and important mathematical connection to computing are not taught or introduced. Nonetheless, mathematics is a discipline that is naturally complimentary. This helps in enacting and understanding the different computer science fundamentals. For the students benefit accordingly, it is important to introduce mathematics at an early age and circuited entirely in the curriculum. Mathematics gives motivation to any academic field it is applicable. .

The big challenge has always been when it comes to Software engineering whether you need to have a mathematic background Or rather will you be a successful software engineer without mathematics. It will be hard for you without a mathematical knowledge more so when you want to design a food app that you can use for food ordering. The app must have location, user’s preferences, rating, past experiences, popularity and ethnicity how will you come up with an algorithm which will control all these parameters? The energy or weight allocated to these needs will require a measurement. How future orders will be affected when you change the perimeters?  The first 6 restaurants you will suggest to your users and how it will impact them is all mathematics.  Mathematics is an important aspect in every computer  science application.




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